Amtrak Beech Grove 10001 Amfleet Office Car Chicago Union Station

I was taking part in what some overzealous Amtrak superfans call the kindergarten walk. Being escorted from Amtrak Metropolitan Lounge to my train for departure. Just as we were turning into gate area I saw this rolling stock gem.

Amtrak Beech Grove 10001 Amfleet Office Car is a private car reserved for Amtrak CEO, management and VIPs. It is based in Washington DC. While it’s not super rare to see it at Chicago Union Station – you have to have some luck and decent timing.

This was my first time seeing Amtrak Beech Grove in person. Recorded on Thursday August 27 2015. Since I was in such a hurry video quality isn’t as good as I would like. I combined 2 separate recordings. First part of video was done as I was walking to board. Second portion was done after I boarded and dropped of my bags inside Amtrak Illini 393 Business Class. I did a fairly fast run back to location – shot some quick video and got back to train in a heavy sweat just in time.

Unfortunately I have no idea which Amtrak long distance train Beech Grove was attached to that day.

Update 10/10/2015

In my hurry that day – I didn’t realize Amtrak business car Pacific Cape 10021 was also captured – just barely. Beech Grove and Pacific Cape normally travel together. I’m assuming since both have new paint jobs just a month after this was recorded – that both were headed to Amtrak Beech Grove Indiana maintenance facility from Chicago for a makeover when I shot this video.

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