Amtrak California Surfliners Northeast Regional Iowa Pacific Sky View baggage cars Chicago Illinois

When I leave any station but especially Union Station Chicago I try to record rolling stock ( train engines / passenger cars ). This recording was done from inside Amtrak Lincoln Service Business Class. Video was shot August 30 2015. I thought camera was in focus – but looking at results – either Sun, car window tint or focus was out of sync causing quality issue.

Starting off there is a mix of everyday cars that get passengers to their destinations. Then off in distance a Northeast Regional car. This looks out of place – but I think I have an idea of what is being used for. On route that Illini and Saluki operate on – freight owner of tracks required Amtrak to meet certain weight requirements. From what I gathered riding these routes recently – the cars from out East are helping to meet that demand.

Then we see something that looks really out of place in Chicago – Amtrak California Surfliner cars. I’m not sure if these are new rolling stock being sent out to California for testing and delivery into revenue service. It is very possible those are brand new cars manufactured by Nippon Sharyo in Rochelle, Illinois.

As we progress thru the yard – some very well used baggage cars come into view. On that same train we get to see a brand new baggage car. These have been coming into service the past year.

There was one private car in Chicago Amtrak yard I captured that day – Iowa Pacific Sky View – silver car with glass dome.

Video ends with everyday hardworking passenger cars and engines that get us to where we want to go.

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