Are we really sure Katy Perry didn’t just remake Jill Sobule’s I Kissed a Girl

Honestly I don’t listen to radio all that often any more. Actually I never really listen to music as much as I use to. But when I first heard Katy Perry’s I Kissed a Girl my first thought was this was just a remake of what I consider the original tune by Jill Sobule. To me it just sounded like a jazzed up version of Jill Sobule’s song. From what I’m reading now I may need to pay a bit closer attention to the lyrics. I guess I must be only one who thought oh great another remake. Not that these type of things are bad. It just seems like everyone always has a need to redo the past in their own way. What is sad is typing in I Kissed a Girl on any major search engine doesn’t even give you one result related to Jill Sobule.

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