Great way to die at Alton Illinois Amtrak station

No matter how many times people get told – no matter how many news outlets report deaths related to trespassing on rail lines – no one seems to get a clue. What this video shows is bad judgement and a good way to end up dead.

Most reading this will think that is being over dramatic. But on a fairly regular basis – freight and passenger trains strike and most times kill people on tracks. Last week there were at least 2 such incidents I’m aware of. People being in wrong place, cars getting stuck and suicides are common along railroad tracks.

Unfortunately many of you will just see two young women trying to have a bit of fun. Amazing to me that as they stand on tracks you can clearly hear a train horn – but they don’t move back to platform. Lucky for them – that day a train was not coming around corner. Horn must have been in distance on another set of tracks.

I’m sure those in video think only Amtrak runs trains on these tracks. Route is owned by Union Pacific and they run many freight trains past Alton station. These trains do NOT slow down and pass at fairly high speed. Horn that is heard could have easily been one of these freight trains. There wouldn’t have been much time if any to avoid being hit.

I wonder if these young ladies would say taking a selfie is worth dying for?

There were a couple of parents and adults waiting for Amtrak Lincoln Service at Alton platform that day. No one including myself said anything to these young women. Even if I had yelled from my location – I’m not sure they would have heard me or taken my words seriously.

They must live in a world where nothing bad happens. I’m sure they are oblivious to how unsafe their need for an on track selfie really was.

We have all made mistakes around railroad tracks. Many have crossed active lines to get somewhere / use as a shortcut or walked along sides of tracks and many have walked directly on tracks. Sometimes only later in life or after a tragedy do we realize that is not a wise choice.

When these tragedies occur – not only are families affected – but law enforcement, rescue teams and railroad employees have to deal with psychological aftermath. Each incident has to be investigated, crew questioned and then scene cleaned. Very few have become so jaded that these events don’t affect them – either with added stress or emotional trauma.

Neither passenger or freight trains can instantly stop. When trains go into emergency braking it can cause a derailment and could lead to loss of life.

Unfortunately common sense isn’t always present with people around rail lines. Accidents do happen – not all events are do to bad judgement – but most are.

Amtrak Alton Illinois station is staffed. There are no cameras on platform and I’m sure no employee witnessed this event. If they did – they didn’t rush out to put a stop to it. But neither did any adults who should know better – who were on platform waiting for Amtrak train.

I had been scheduled to take an earlier afternoon train. Ended up changing reservation to later train. If I hadn’t needed to change reservation – I wouldn’t have been at station in evening to record this.

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