Amtrak Texas Eagle 22 says hello in Normal Illinois

Amtrak Texas Eagle 22 was running a little late coming into Normal Illinois on November 15 2015. You can see someone not to concerned that a train was coming down the tracks. They just casually cross. That location is a problem area for trains. I’m honestly surprised that intersection has yet to receive a quad gates upgrade. As part of Illinois higher speed rail project on this route – quad gates should be installed at some point.

Cars love to try and beat trains and I’ve recorded young people going in-between stopped rail cars at this intersection. Unfortunately Normal Illinois officials don’t seem to concerned. I’m amazed there hasn’t been a serious accident here.

I had stayed overnight – across street from Uptown Station at new Hyatt Place – I was waiting for Amtrak Lincoln Service to take me home. Texas Eagle needed to get in and out of station for that to happen.

Video was recorded from parking garage. I was trying a new angle with my monopod. It was extended out sideways to try and get a better recording. Basically I was recording “blind” – I couldn’t see viewfinder – it was out over train.

I’d assume Amtrak engineer must have seen the video camera – they hit horn as a way to acknowledge that. Some train engineers will blast horn in a certain sequence – as a way to acknowledge person taking photos or video.

Second part of video was taken from inside Amtrak Uptown Station passenger waiting area. This shows Texas Eagle leaving for Chicago and points in-between. Texas Eagle has yet to be blessed with new baggage cars. Some Amtrak long distance routes are running baggage cars that continue to be delivered this year.

I’ve only traveled to Alton and Chicago Illinois on Texas Eagle. Never to Texas or Los Angeles on Sunset Limited. I did ride Southwest Chief to LA last month.

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