AQUA by El Gaucho Seattle Pier 70 formerly Waterfront Seafood Grill

When I got my first email from El Gaucho – I thought it was spam. With a bit of investigation I figured out – Waterfront Seafood Grill in Seattle had either had a change of ownership, name or both. For years I’ve received snail mail and email offers from AQUA by El Gaucho. I have at least two of their newsletters in my inbox right now.

I hadn’t been back to Seattle in over 7 years. I arrived late evening on Amtrak Coast Starlight from Los Angeles. By time I got to The Edgewater Hotel I was so exhausted I didn’t bother with dinner. The next day I would spend about 7 hours walking around downtown Seattle recording video.

This video was recorded towards begin of my day on Thursday October 22 2015. Since I was leaving on Friday – my schedule was to tight to have a dining experience at AQUA by El Gaucho.

In years past we had wonderful experiences at Waterfront. We enjoyed an evening meal outside and on several occasions inside. Our last dinner there would have been in 2008 before Gnomedex 8 got started.

After a very log day and lots of walking – I had dinner at Six Seven Lounge inside Edgewater Hotel – where bartender Mark – who hadn’t seen me in 7 years recognized me as soon as he saw me.

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