Seattle Streetcar Operations Testing near Historic Cadillac Hotel October 22 2015

When I recorded this – it had been a very long day. I was in a hurry and not in best of moods. After recording – a lady struck up a conversation with me about the streetcar. She asked me if they were finally in operation. Then proceeded to tell me all about how they had been in testing. This person was actually very well informed – but I was in no mood to chat.

Although I was aware of testing from reading Seattle Streetcars Group on Facebook and other sources. I had no clue when these new Seattle streetcars would be opened to public use. All I wanted was to record and get down to King Street Station. I only had one day to get a ton of recordings and it was getting late.

I’m sure the woman thought I was completely rude – honestly I was. But I hadn’t had the best day and was in a hurry. She caught me off guard by expressing interest. Most everyone else had that big city attitude – got things to do – could care less. Unfortunately my attitude that day was similar.

I read an opinion of someone not liking streetcar wrapping – they preferred a plain one color scheme. Very few forms of public transportation look like this anymore – except maybe Chicago Metra and L. Almost all have vinyl wrap advertising. Source of revenue to help with operational cost.

Personally I think this scheme helps tourist and even locals know area streetcar serves. Making it easier to find which one you need to be on. Much easier than having to read digital display or look for route number etc.

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