All electric BMW i3 Seattle

I recorded this after having a less than pleasant experience at Seattle King Street Station. All I wanted was to video Talgo train set and station quickly. Granted Amtrak employee was just doing his job by stopping me. But I was in no mood – I’d had a less than pleasant day and had a ton of recording to do in one day.

After leaving station – this car put a smile on my face. I’m a big electric car fan and only have a handful of BMW i3 recorded.

Interestingly enough just down street less than 1/2 a block was a Tesla Model S.

I’m aware electric cars are popular in Seattle – but as soon as I got into town on Amtrak – Tesla’s starting showing up. One was coming into King Street Station as I caught my cab. Then one was parked at a business on Alaskan Way as I headed to Edgewater Hotel.

This BMW i3 was just start of me seeing a ton of EV’s for rest of the night.

I had traveled on Amtrak from Los Angeles to Seattle on Coast Starlight. It was very interesting that coming into and leaving LA I saw no electric cars – all through California – not one EV – yet that State is supposed to be electric car capitol of United States. Once in Seattle I couldn’t stop seeing them.

Update 3/27/2016 – I forgot I did see 1 Nissan LEAF at an Amtrak station in San Luis Obispo California.

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