I almost ran into this Tesla Model S in Seattle

I was in a hurry – I hadn’t had best day at this point – so I wasn’t paying attention like I should have. It was time for everyone to head home and I should have been more alert.

As this Tesla Model S was thinking about pulling out of a parking garage – I almost walked right into it. I stopped in time and waved driver on. They had to wait a bit for traffic to clear. I couldn’t believe my luck finding another Seattle Model S by almost walking right into it.

I had recorded a parked Model S about twenty minutes before this. Later that evening recorded another Model S on Alaskan Way. Night before leaving Amtrak King Station I saw several Tesla on way to The Edgewater Hotel. Leaving hotel next morning a red Model S was parked in lot. Took photo – no video – photo lost in an SD card transfer disaster.

Of course driver had no clue what a big Tesla Motors fan I am.

Recorded October 22 2015

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