Kid climbs track signals Kids cross active tracks Throw rocks Springfield Illinois

We have all done dumb things when we were young – however – years ago it was less likely to get caught on camera. This video is a combination of recordings taken June 10th 2016 in Springfield Illinois.

I must not have been paying attention – I didn’t see kids cross these very active railroad tracks first time. When I heard voices I wasn’t to concerned – people live in area and bike trails are close. But I did have a look around to locate where voices were coming from.

Imagine my surprise when I looked up at track signals and saw a young man climbing up the metal rungs. He didn’t seem to concerned when he saw me recording. But did slowly move to head back to ground.

Springfield Police were called as soon as I saw this. I didn’t think to look for a railroad number on a sign to call. We were at this location for 45 minutes to an hour after seeing this incident. Railroad security / police never were on scene. I couldn’t get camera to focus enough for a good face shot.

This group of juveniles are seen crossing what are very active railroad tracks. I’m not sure if these are owned by Union Pacific or Norfolk Southern. Multiple Amtrak trains from Chicago heading to St Louis use these tracks daily and round trip back to Chicago. Tracks are also a major North South route for Union Pacific. Norfolk Southern has track that branch off this location.

Not sure if climber took off his shirt because he was hot or if he thought it would make him harder to identify when and if police decided to show up.

After hanging out on and near tracks – they decided it’s time to throw rocks. I hadn’t verbally engaged these youth until after a few of those rocks started heading my way. At least one of them has a good arm. If they can stay out of jail they might consider baseball or some other sport.

I’m not sure if these youngsters just don’t realize the consequences of their actions or don’t care.

Over years we have had many people injured or killed on tracks in Springfield Illinois and surrounding communities. I’d venture a guess that damage to railroad property / trains – especially if it leads to a derailment or some other crash – would be a federal offense. This means no trip to local juvenile jail – Skip small time head right to criminal big leagues.

I’d take a guess that this isn’t their first time behaving this way near railroad tracks.

It’s a shame the example they are setting. Especially when I have seen young kids recording trains along this route. Those kids show respect for safety and appreciation for this mode of transportation.

Amtrak Lincoln Service 305 was held at these signals for a good amount of time. Never saw anyone inspecting signals or track. 305 was close to on-time until being held just outside Springfield Illinois. Engineer showed no horn love when passing as I recorded. Most Texas Eagle engineers give a few toots when in area were appropriate. Maybe engineer was pissed that I wanted to make sure their train didn’t get pelted with rocks or worse. I’d assume our call led to their being held at location.

I should mention – this behavior isn’t best in regards to these youths personal safety.

Location = track signals near Scheels and Interurban Bike / Hike Trail Springfield Illinois.

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