St. Mary’s Infirmary 1536 Papin Street St Louis MO

I don’t remember the year, date or month these videos were taken. Portion towards end was recorded on a day I spent walking around St Louis ( May 9th 2014 ). I was taking a roundabout way to Ameren St Louis parking lot around corner from St. Mary’s Infirmary – so I could record their electric car charging stations. Ameren security after I left chargers – sure seemed to keep an eye on me.

After I stopped recording what I later found out was St. Mary’s Infirmary – I did see a man walk towards building next door and disappear. Never did find opening he used to get in – just there one minute gone next.

This long decaying piece of history is being torn down. Unfortunately many old buildings meet this fate. No one can find a purpose for them or someone willing to take on challenge of a refurbishment.

Yes lone chair by what looks to be crime scene tape on lamp post – had me thinking I shouldn’t spend a lot more time in this location.

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Electric car charging stations Ameren St Louis

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At marker 9:07 in that video you can see St. Mary’s Infirmary in background.

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