DeLoreans invade Springfield Illinois

When the DeLorean World Tour caravan made a stop in Springfield Illinois earlier this year I missed them. Even though they were at a hotel I’ve stayed at several times.

I was aware they were traveling Route 66 – but not when or if they were stopping in Springfield.

I knew the 2016 DeLorean Convention and Show was this week. But almost forgot about it. After surviving a serious storm at a concert in St Louis – my mind blanked on Deloreans. Only when I had a conversation last night about another car show – did the person I was talking to remind me about Deloreans in Springfield.

My first DeLorean seen “in the wild” was in Alton Illinois last year. Last night I was able to see several more.

Unfortunately I most likely won’t be attending the DeLorean Convention at Prairie Capital Convention Center. Attendance came off as being for owners / members only. Registration fee included a dinner. While event speakers might be interesting – I really just wanted to get video of cars inside PCCC.

There were several attendees walking around parking garage and hanging outside Prairie Capital Convention Center. I didn’t engage anyone in conversation. It was late and I was in a hurry.

Along with many DeLoreans there were 3 Tesla Model S and 1 Aston Martin either DB8 ( Aston Martin V8 Vantage ) or DB9 in parking garage. While Springfield gets many visits from Tesla owners – do to our Supercharger location – we have local owners – it’s rare to see Tesla’s parked in this garage.

Unfortunately I didn’t come across any electric DeLoreans.

Honda minivan with DeLorean badge caught my eye – DeLorean Motor Company Midwest vehicle.

At least 1 DeLorean owner still uses The Club to try and keep their car from being stolen.

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