Alexis theme WordPress 4.6 “Pepper” broke this website

Latest WordPress update 4.6 “Pepper” broke this website. It didn’t play nice with Alexis theme that I had used for years. I liked the look and feel. Unfortunately author has not maintained it in some time.

Long time readers will know of my dislike of WordPress theme management and it’s forcing users to be coders. So now I’ll have to hassle with finding a theme I can tweak to my liking – which will waste a ton of my time – cause countless hours of aggravation and frustration.

Current theme is just a placeholder until I find something I like. Default look doesn’t meet my liking but will have to do.

DO NOT use Alexis theme with WordPress 4.6 – you will have nothing but headaches. I only found problem by looking within cPanel logs. Both websites I admin ran that theme – once it was taken out of mix – everything started to work normally again.

After all these years no one at WordPress has had common sense to take feedback on themes to heart. They still have that closed minded idiotic mentality that their way is best – when users for years have told them they aren’t getting what they want. Pure arrogance on WordPress teams part.

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