4 Tesla Model S Washington D.C.

My last visit to Washington D.C. was in December 2014. During that adventure I only managed to get 1 Tesla Model S recorded even though I had seen several. I had a little better luck on this visit – got 4 out of 5. First Model S I saw was on way to hotel a few blocks from Union Station. Couldn’t get video camera out in time to capture it.

Unfortunately I only had an afternoon to explore D.C. tourist attractions. Last time I didn’t even have that. So once again I didn’t get to venture into Tesla Motors store.

Recorded September 6, 2016

Update 9/23/2016 – I kept thinking I had seen 5 Tesla in Washington DC. But I couldn’t find a video to confirm that until this morning. Video, article and title have been updated to reflect I saw 5 Model S only capturing 4 on video. Yes it sounds like I was cussing – but if I remember right – I said gotcha!!

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Disclaimer – I am a very minor Tesla Motors stock owner. Unfortunately I didn’t have near the amount of money I wanted to invest in this company. But I do own a few shares.

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