Amtrak Acela Northeast Regional MARC Metro Virginia Railway Express trains Union Station Washington D.C.

Combination of videos recorded in multiple locations. Most were from my hotel room. Others when I was boarding Washington Metro, trackside Union Station, from seat inside Acela First Class and Amtrak Capitol Limited Family Bedroom. In first portion I completely missed Acela pulling out of station. Not sure what went on there.

Shows Amtrak Acela, Amtrak Northeast Regional, MARC, Metro and Virginia Railway Express trains operating at Union Station Washington D.C. For anyone who hasn’t been out East to see Amtrak’s all electric trains – this lets you watch those in action.

Watch Amtrak all electric locomotives Acela and newer Siemens ACS-64 in service. Diesel-electric are also used by Amtrak long distance and some regional trains, MARC (Maryland Area Regional Commuter) and Virginia Railway Express.

My casual recording style is front and center. Only used monopod for recordings from hotel. Even those are a bit jerky. With bright Sun I just point and shoot – hope for best – normally video camera viewscreen useless.

At about 13 minute mark I think there is some private varnish ( passenger rail car privately owned ) – but I didn’t zoom in enough to get car name. On ride back to Chicago on Capitol Limited – 2 private cars were at back of train.

It amazes me that the crazy rats nest of wires actually gets something done. I’ve always thought it looks like a disorganized mess.

Recorded September 6th, 7th and 8th 2016.

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Amtrak Acela Express Union Station Washington DC Penn Station New York

Inside Amtrak Acela Express Quiet Car

Amtrak Club Acela Washington DC

Baltimore digital sign viewed from inside Amtrak Acela

Norfolk Southern #5 Maryland private rail car attached to Amtrak Capitol Limited 29

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Amtrak Acela Express

Amtrak Northeast Regional

Washington Metro, commonly called Metro and branded Metrorail, is rapid transit system serving Washington, D.C. metropolitan area

About Metro Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

Virginia Railway Express (VRE) is a regional/commuter rail service that connects the Northern Virginia suburbs to Union Station in Washington, D.C., via two lines

MARC (Maryland Area Regional Commuter) Train Service

Siemens ACS-64 electric locomotive

GE P42DC diesel locomotive

EMD AEM-7 locomotives ( Nicknames Toasters; Meatballs ) retired – replaced by Siemens ACS-64

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