Knox County Scenic Drive Historic Walnut Grove Farm barn

This picture was taken last Sunday at the start of our Spoon River Valley Scenic Drive adventure. On our way home Cheryl wanted to see what the Spoon River Valley Scenic Drive had to offer. For years we have talked about getting in the car this time of year and doing the drive. For some reason we have never gotten around to it until now. The photo above was taken at Walnut Grove Farm which is just a little ways outside of Knoxville, Illinois. If you are starting the Spoon River Drive from the north this would be the area you would first encounter. As you’re coming off the highway you would have seen a balloon and a rock road. This was where the information booth for the Knox County Scenic Drive was located. As far as I can gather all of this is part of the Spoon River Valley Scenic Drive. I guess Knox County just wants to have it’s own identity. I would assume this is do to other parts of the drive taking place in Fulton County.

Out of all the places we took time to visit that day. I think that Walnut Grove Farm was my favorite. Granted we didn’t explore everything that the area had to offer. Neither one of us were feeling all that great and running on little sleep. So we just visited the highlights. The farm offered many vendors selling a large selection of items. Food and produce was available as well. We didn’t take time for the Horse Drawn Wagon Rides or other activities.

“Walnut Grove Farm was homesteaded in 1835 by the Charles family. They came to Illinois seeking the personal success that the rich prairie had to offer. Deeply involved in both community and farm, they established a cattle farming empire that grew to over 1,200 acres by 1890. They built the bank barn around 1865, using stone quarried from the farm for the foundation. The farm was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1989.”

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Illinois Bureau of Tourism does something smart in time of need

Walnut Grove Farm barn from the side

St. Nicholas inside Walnut Grove Farm barn

Wolf Covered Bridge Knox County Scenic Drive

Pumpkin face Walnut Grove Farm

Basil’s Harvest at Walnut Grove Farm

Treasures from the Heartland inside Walnut Grove Farm barn

Recycled by ME handmade purses and other items made from recycled plastic bags

Kurt Cobain Nirvana Wolf Covered Bridge

Dippin Dots creator in Little People Big World episode

Rachel the Pig Iggy and a pouty little girl

Iggy pissed off with a pig

Historic Walnut Grove Farm

Knox County Scenic Drive at the Farm

Knox County Scenic Drive

Spoon River Valley Scenic Drive

Spoon River Drive Scenic Fall Festival – October 4th & 5th; October 11th & 12th 2008

Fulton County Tourism Council

enjoyillinois Illinois Bureau Of Tourism

Historic Illinois – Historic Knoxville, Illinois – Walnut Grove Farm

McCornack’s Old Barns-1 ~ Walnut Grove The music on that site annoys me.

National Register of Historical Places

National Register of Historic Places – Wikipedia

Walnut Grove Farm – Knox County Scenic Drive

April Work Weekend Historic Walnut Grove Farm 2011

Historic Walnut Grove Farm on Facebook

Walnut Grove Farm

1455 Knox Station Road, Knoxville, IL 61448

(309) 289-4770