Utah Tesla Model X Supercharging Springfield Illinois

This was first Tesla Model X I had seen in wild. I’d seen pictures and videos galore online – but never one in person. After Model 3 Reservation drama – I haven’t been all that eager to visit a store / service center. Although I did record St Louis location a few months back. No X was on lot that day.

I’ve only seen one other Model X in wild. Recently an owner was at Marriott in Normal Illinois – I was staying across street at Hyatt. As I was about to head into hotel I saw X with gull-wing doors up.

My video again proves that you can drive an all electric Tesla cross country. Many owners have been doing so for years. During Roadster era before Supercharger Network – this was a serious chore. Now Superchargers are located all over United States along major interstates / highways. Most are located near restaurants, malls, shopping centers or hotels.

In 20 minutes time – a Tesla Supercharger will have battery pack charged to 80% full and ready to continue journey.

Unfortunately Springfield Illinios politicians still are clueless about what an asset having Tesla Superchargers in our community is. Many of these owners spend money here and sometimes even stay the night.

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