Weatherbug weather station gets installed at Ball Charter School

According to an article in today’s State Journal Register a Weatherbug weather station has been installed at the Ball Charter School in Springfield, IL. I’ve previously had a conversation with Weatherbug CTO Chris Sloop about how I thought it would be beneficial to have more of the companies weather stations in our area. The thought I expressed is that current stations aren’t located in local regions that are known to produce the most weather activity. My thought was that you would gain more useful weather data for forecasting and education by placing weather stations in these hotspots. Long time readers of this website should remember my four part interview with Chris Sloop and Weatherbug Chief Meteorologist Mark Hoekzemathat that took place earlier this year. That interview also detailed the long relationship between Weatherbug and the local television station WAND in Decatur, IL. WAND is involved in the Ball Charter School project. Funding for the weather station installation came from the National Science Foundation.

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Read about Weatherbugs relationship with WAND below.

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More information about Weatherbug weather stations can be found in part four of my interview.

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