Amtrak Lincoln Service coming into Springfield let me stand on tracks

If interested in viewing train coming in – there is a safe area behind guardrail to do so.

Many Amtrak passengers do something similar at station. Even though you can easily see down tracks in either direction from platform behind yellow line.

Unfortunately people have lost their lives in our area do to train strikes. Maybe they weren’t paying attention, wanted to end things or tried to beat train. Try not to become a statistic.

A few other incidents near or at that same location.

A good way to get killed by Amtrak Texas Eagle

Wheelchair out runs Amtrak Lincoln Service Springfield Illinois

At least guy wasn’t as stupid as these young women.

Great way to die at Alton Illinois Amtrak station

Kid climbs track signals Kids cross active tracks Throw rocks Springfield Illinois

I was a bit stupid this day – thought I was a safe distance from tracks – wasn’t in clear as much as I thought.

Amtrak Texas Eagle passing Irwin’s Park outside Auburn Illinois

Amtrak Hoosier State passenger or rail trespasser Dyer Indiana

Railroad Crossing STOP Look Listen

Illinois State University students playing chicken with Union Pacific train

Amtrak Texas Eagle 22 says hello in Normal Illinois

Kids pictured on train tracks

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Safety upgrades qualify Third St. rail corridor for ‘quiet zone’ Springfield Illinois

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