Rail trespassers crossing tracks in Joliet Illinois heading to Metra

There is ongoing construction in area – new train station being built. I don’t think these 2 men are construction workers.

While waiting to board Amtrak Lincoln Service I was recording trains and Joliet Union Station. These 2 men hopped over fencing at station to cross tracks. As far as I’m aware there is no public walkway across these.

Union Station used to include Amtrak waiting and ticketing. Several years ago a private developer purchase property and Amtrak moved to what some call an AmShack – metal temporary building.

A new station is being built. If my memory is right – when that opens there should be an underground passage between there and Joliet Union Station.

Many Amtrak passengers still get turned around looking for new temporary station.

I’d assume these 2 men either were looking for shortest route, thought there was access between station or didn’t want to walk further down road to underpass. I’m assuming they were heading to board a Metra train. Metra station and platform is directly across those tracks.

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