Chillbilly’s hamburgers ice cream more Macon Illinois revisited Now Open

It had been over 4 years since my last visit to Chillbilly’s. As far as I’m aware – video and my recollection show no business sign with name. On my first visit – this hamburger joint wasn’t open yet. This time around we got to have a meal.

Wide variety of food. Service was pleasant and fairly quick. We had a few people in front of us. Yet our made to order food got to window in a decent amount of time.

If we travel through the area again – I’d stop and eat there.

Their ice cream that day was a bit on icy side. Not sure if that is a machine issue or just how they serve it.

Chillbilly’s Menu

Chillbilly’s Menu

A news article stated Chillbilly’s uses geothermal heating and cooling.

Unfortunately it seems they only have a Facebook page – businesses can’t seem to learn Facebook is not your website. Couldn’t find a Twitter account either.

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Here is how that location looked in my original video posted June 11, 2012.

Chillbilly’s Ice Cream Soda Jerk Macon Illinois

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Chillbilly’s 299 N Merchant, Macon, IL 62544 Phone (217) 764-5218

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