It’s NOT a Tesla Roadster It’s a Lotus Elise R

At first glance – especially in dark – you could think you are seeing a Tesla Roadster. Lotus is who manufactured Roadster body. When you see Roadster next to a Lotus you can see design differences in styling.

While this Lotus Elise R owner might disagree. I think they bought the wrong car.

Recorded in Forsyth Illinois November 4th and 6th 2016.

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A picture from my one and only ride in a Tesla Roadster Sport January 22 2010 in Chicago Illinois.

Tesla Roadster Sport console

2010 Tesla Roadster Sport price tag

Chicago news crew getting ready to take a Tesla Roadster Sport test drive

My first experience with and photo of a Tesla Roadster.

Revenge of the Electric Car Executive Producer Stefano Durdic’s Tesla Roadster charging inside Marriott hotel parking garage Normal IL He should now be a proud owner of a Signature Series Model S – per my conversation I had with him at EVening of EVs event in Normal IL ( Thursday January 26th 2012 ).

What I purchased at the Tesla Motors store in Chicago

Tesla Motors banner

Tesla Model S X Roadster Superchargers Store locations videos photos articles

Deloreans invade Springfield Illinois

DeLorean near Alton Illinois

My DeLorean photos videos

Red Lamborghini 2014 International Route 66 Mother Road Festival Springfield Illinois

Jaguar E-Type Milwaukee Wisconsin

Hertz Shelby GT Cobra 350-H Ford Mustang

Shelby Cobra Ford 427 Prairie Capital Convention Center parking garage

Shelby Cobra Mario’s Chatham Illinois

Lotus Elise – Wikipedia

Tesla Roadster – Wikipedia

“Some however carry a number starting with “5” appropriate to the US. Parts were sourced from around the world. The body panels come from French supplier Sotira. These are sent from France to Hethel, U.K., where Tesla contracts with Lotus to build the Roadster’s unique chassis. The Roadster shares roughly 6 percent of its components with the Lotus Elise”

Lotus Elise R Love the curving of waist(Full version )(Spektrem etc.) video

Disclaimer – I am a very minor Tesla Motors stock owner. Unfortunately I didn’t have near the amount of money I wanted to invest in this company. But I do own a few shares.

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