Smart car Keystone South Dakota

Smart car Keystone South Dakota

I had forgotten all about seeing this Smart car in Keystone, South Dakota. While I was looking for another photo to post today I came across the shots I took of this Smart car driving down main street in Keystone. To the left of the Smart car would be the Keystone 1880 Train station. I was positioned outside of Cruizzers pizza and subs on the upper deck of the shopping boardwalk in Keystone. Good luck finding any information or a website related to Cruizzers. The Keystone Chamber of Commerce website is useless and doesn’t list all of downtown Keystone’s offerings. I have a good number of pictures of Cruizzers. But unfortunately nothing with the name of the restaurant. There has to be irony in that somewhere. That and the fact that only after Cheryl looked at bank records did I get the name of the place I’ve spent several hours trying to hunt down. Either way it must have been the year for me to see Smart cars. Unless I’m forgetting another sighting this totals three Smart cars that I saw on our trip to Seattle and back.

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Inside Cruizzers Keystone South Dakota

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110B Winter St
Keystone SD 57751
Phone 605-666-5104

Guess I should call and tell them they need a website that can easily be found using that thing known as a search engine on that thing called the internet. Cruizzers is located right next door to the Ruby House Restaurant and Saloon on the upper deck of Keystone boardwalk.

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