Inside a Pullman Sleeper Car hotel room Indianapolis Crowne Plaza Union Station

I first recorded these Pullman Sleeper Cars in 2013. Then revisited them a second time in 2015. On my first trip I stayed at Omni Severin Hotel. My second I had a room at Crowne Plaza Grand Hall and Conference Center – formerly Union Station – but did not sleep in one of the Pullmans. With my recent third trip – I finally slept inside one of these converted Sleeper Car rooms for 2 evenings.

You pay extra for the novelty. But don’t get anything different than you would in a standard room. My room was 717 Diamond Jim Brady 017 – this is one of the green Pullmans. Room is located closest to elevators. On other side of hotel – you will find blue Pullmans.

Recording was done close to midnight – even though Iowa Pacific Hoosier State had arrived in Indianapolis early – by time I got checked in – it was almost start of next day.

You have a full size room and bathroom. A refrigerator and decent size closet. Heat and cooling system was probably one the best I’ve used in a hotel room in ages. Wireless Internet easy to connect and was very stable. This is something that can’t be said for most hotels.

That being said – room needed some work done – it was in need of some TLC. Video shows some touch up needing done by door. Same door has a decent gap in frame that lets light and noise in. Closet electrical outlet damaged needs replaced.

Bathroom is where most issues were. Markings and chips in wall. Bubbling or cracking in ceiling – I’d assume do to shower moisture. Shower head definitely needed a good cleaning – issue may have been hard water related. Tub had a nasty brown ring – like it hadn’t properly been cleaned – this was before I had my first shower next day.

For what you pay nightly for novelty of sleeping in a Pullman Car – these issues shouldn’t be present. Unfortunately I’ve seen similar in hotels that are even more expensive.

Check in and out process went smooth. All employees I dealt with at front desk were polite and helpful. When you check in – you will be asked to read and initial to acknowledge hotel is right next door to active railroad tracks.

Green Pullmans are located on farthest side away from tracks. But you at times can still feel vibrations in room when trains pass. Although 2 sets of green Pullmans are next to each other – there is a gap separating rail cars – so noise from next door should be minimal.

There is a shared door – I’d assume in each car. So there could be noise from shared neighbor within your Pullman. I only heard noise when someone passed in main hall or opening door across from mine. No worse than you would have in any other hotel.

The Pullman Sleeper Cars sit on their original track. They traveled into former Union Station on this track and never left.

Recorded late evening February 12, 2017.

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James Buchanan Brady, also known as Diamond Jim Brady, was an American businessman, financier, and philanthropist of the Gilded Age.

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