BNSF Railway Track Measurement Train Galesburg Illinois

Riding Amtrak California Zephyr #5 to Burlington Iowa – I hopped off in Galesburg Illinois to record Railroad Museum. But my eye caught a glimpse of what looked like private varnish ( privately owned passenger rail car ). I quickly headed in direction of what I found out was BNSF Track Measurement Train passing through region.

Getting a bit of fresh air is allowed in Galesburg most days during stop. But you should always stay trackside and listen for re-boarding announcement. Train will leave without you if you wander off.

Recorded February 25th 2017

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Federal Railroad Administration Rail Car DOTX 221 Amtrak Texas Eagle Normal Illinois

Galesburg Railroad Museum viewed from Amtrak California Zephyr

Chicago Burlington and Quincy engine 3006 Galesburg Railroad Museum

Welcome to Galesburg Illinois Railroad Days

Galesburg Illinois Railroad Days sign revisited

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Tesla Model S Galesburg Illinois

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Support The Galesburg Railroad Museum

Galesburg Railroad Days

One of those touring BNSF special trains

Some pics of a BNSF track measurement train I saw today

BNSF Track “Measurement” train Passenger & Commuter Modelers

BNSF Track Measurement Train 2 pictures

“BNSF Track Measurement Train @ ‘MH” Tower…”

BNSF Geometry Train, BNSF #7816, NXGX #380 “Michael D. Harding” BNSF #86, BNSF #85

BNSF Track Measurement Train

BNSF Inspection Train Meets Coal Train Led By Executive MAC

110611046 Eastbound BNSF Track Measurement Train

110611045 Eastbound BNSF Track Measurement Train

BNSF Communities Safety and Security Inspection and Detection

NXTrack The second time that I’d run into one of these car

Move beyond mere compliance with NxTrack Can measure multiple facets of track integrity—simultaneously—at speeds up to 225 mph.

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