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This was my third Indianapolis adventure. When I heard Iowa Pacific would be turning passenger services back over to Amtrak – I decided to take a ride before their dome car was no longer on Hoosier State.

I stayed at Crowne Plaza Grand Hall and Conference Center instead of Omni Hotel. On this trip for first time – I booked a Pullman Sleeper Car. Slept inside a historic Pullman passenger car converted into a hotel room.

Only a small portion of Indianapolis Union Station is used for Amtrak passengers now. Amtrak Cardinal and Hoosier State alternate days of operation. Depending on day of week – one arrives late at night ( 11:50PM from Chicago and leaves very early in morning ( 6AM to Chicago ) – if trains are on time no problems.

Majority of Union Station is now Crowne Plaza Grand Hall and Conference Center. Either hotel rooms or meeting / convention space. I previously recorded this location in 2013 and 2015.

Informational plaques displayed on previous visits were hidden behind a stairwell. I guess they are only out when conventions or other events take place. In my past recordings you will see them and be able to learn more about Indianapolis Union Station. View their hidden loaction at 25 minute mark in video above.

Recorded February 13, 2017

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Crowne Plaza Grand Hall and Conference Center inside historic Union Station Indianapolis

Inside Indianapolis Union Station

Inside Indianapolis Union Station part 2

Inside a Pullman Sleeper Car hotel room Indianapolis Crowne Plaza Union Station

Pullman Sleeper Car hotel rooms day and night Union Station Indianapolis Crowne Plaza

Pullman Sleeper Car hotel rooms Indianapolis Crowne Plaza at night

Crowne Plaza Indianapolis Pullman Sleeper Car hotel rooms

Police car pulling into Crowne Plaza Union Station Indianapolis

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BlueIndy electric car-sharing service Indianapolis

The Indianapolis Union Station was the first union station in the world, opening on September 20, 1853, by the Indianapolis Union Railway within the Wholesale District of Indianapolis, Indiana, at 39 Jackson Place.

Who Killed Union Station? Most Indianapolites will never set foot in downtown’s most majestic landmark again. And maybe that’s more okay than we think.

History of Indianapolis Union Station, Part 1

Indianapolis Union Railroad Station, a massive and impressive Romanesque Revival building, is the single most important icon of the city’s railroad era.

Indiana Rail Wikipedia

Indiana Passenger Rail Association

Indiana High Speed Rail Association

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