Balancing on railroad tracks at Alton Illinois Amtrak station Is NOT a good idea

While waiting for Amtrak 304 Lincoln Service to arrive in Alton Illinois – I once again witnessed young women who couldn’t resist “playing” on Union Pacific tracks. In 2015 I recorded a similar incident at this Amtrak station. Once again no one spoke up to warn these women this wasn’t a good idea. I never saw station attendant confront them about their unsafe behavior and track trespassing.

My recording is actually second time they did this. I had been looking in other direction when I turned and saw them finishing their video or photo session on active railroad tracks. I did say something out loud about their behavior – figured they could hear me. Either they could care less or I wasn’t heard – because they hopped right back on tracks for another photo / video op.

This location has two curves in each direction. A curve leading to bridge and one leaving station. Even if you were paying close attention and had perfect reaction time – you still could easily get hit by a freight train. They don’t stop at station and are traveling at pretty good speed. Train definitely would NOT be able to stop in time to avoid hitting person or object.

Union Pacific freight train traveled through about 4 or 5 minutes after I recorded this. I’m not sure these women had any clue how lucky they were that day.

These people arrived in same car and parked in a clearly marked NO Parking area. All were high energy and having fun as they exited car. I know because they parked in front of us as I was being dropped off.

I’m sure they would consider me an old fart just trying to ruin a bit of fun. As I said last time – we have all done stupid things over the years – some of us even after we grow up. Others learn from their mistakes and change behavior.

It’s possible they aren’t aware this rail route is busy with freight – not just Amtrak trains. Maybe they do know and just don’t care. No one should have to watch them become roadkill because they made a bad choice.

On my Amtrak travels – this is only station were I have seen this behavior. I’m sure it happens elsewhere – I’ve just not been there to capture it.

Recorded March 4th 2017

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