A New Mac Worm – New ‘Opener’ worm

Seems that once again there is proof to what I've been saying all along. Security by obscurity isn't going to work. And that no platform is immune to be being exploited or to having flaws. I'm sure the Steve Jobs faithful will of course point this out.
“The worm does however suffer from a bug that prevents it from spreading, meaning for now it's more of a proof of concept than a threat.”
“However, unlike the most devastating Windows viruses – such as SoBig and MyDoom – it does not propagate through email and a bug in its code prevents it from automatically spreading from one machine to another, as intended by its designers. “It’s more of a concept virus,” says Johannes Ullrich at the SANS Internet Storm Center in Quincy, Massachusetts, US.”
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Another viewpoint. “After a week of contemplation, Apple has announced that the 'Opener' malware program blighting OS X is not a virus – although the security community disagrees” From this article There's no worm in your Apple – honest.  Slashdot  'Opener' Malware Targets OS X  Security Forum There's no worm in your Apple – honest  Opener – The Truth

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