Made a purchase from Treasures from the Heartland

Treasures from the Heartland Handmade goat's milk & Shea soaps

During our visit to Walnut Grove Farm we made a purchase with the vendor Treasures from the Heartland. Inside the Historic Walnut Grove Farm barn there were a variety of vendors selling many different products. The picture above shows what we bought. These items included a sample of Burberry soap. I don’t see that particular soap available for purchase on the Treasures from the Heartland website. One part of our purchase is not included in the photo above. That would be the Cucumber Melon Handmade Goat’s Milk & Shea Soap. The other items are Lemongrass Sage and Herbal Spa with dead sea mud. These are all handmade natural soaps. Peppermint Tea Tree lip balm with Shea butter and Cocoa butter is the last item other than the soap sample.

While these soap bars don’t seem to last as long I might have expected. I feel they are a quality product. For me it is even more of a positive that these products are natural and made in the United States. Before purchasing these natural soaps we had been using Jason Satin Shower Body Wash. Jason claims it’s liquid soap is pure, natural and organic. I have a feeling people would consider the soaps above to be a much more natural product. Honestly I’ve not used bar soap in a very long time. I have always preferred liquid soaps do to them not creating a mess or needing a soap dish. With liquid soap you can also buy more in bulk thus needing to make purchases less. But our household has started a gradual transition to a somewhat more natural lifestyle. This is what had me more than willing to give the Treasures from the Heartland soaps a try when we came across them inside the Walnut Grove Farm barn.

I was happy enough with the results to make another purchase. This took place online this morning. Honestly I don’t like how the purchase process is setup. If you are wanting to buy multiple products it’s not a smooth task. You have to select the number of items you want at the checkout point. Then if you want to add more items you need to head back to the original page and repeat the process. The way things are setup however it is easiest to do this with both pages open. Hard to explain unless you have gone through the process. Treasures from the Heartland uses PayPal as their processor for product purchases. Some people have had issues with PayPal over the years. For me I’ve never had any problems the times I have used them. Years ago only a smaller number of people had PayPal accounts. Nowadays it’s fairly common for Internet users to have a PayPal account. Even if you don’t all forms of credit card can be processed. These payments are just as secure as offline credit card purchases.

At this point my payment has been made. However I have not been contacted with any information in regards to shipping time or which shipper will be used. Since this is the first time I have done business with Treasures from the Heartland from their website I will have to see how they handle things. But even an auto reply email with basic information would be appreciated. I’ll keep everyone informed on how the purchase turns out. Since I was more than happy with the items pictured above. I’m hoping their online ordering process doesn’t turn me off to doing business with them in the future.

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Treasures from the Heartland order received

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