Would you recycle a used pizza box

Every once in awhile we have so much recyclable material that we take a trip to a local collection site. On some of these trips inside cardboard collection bin I find used pizza boxes. This of course doesn’t help to keep the recycle sorting facility clean.

I have always wondered if these pizza boxes actually get recycled. While I would prefer not to put reusable cardboard into our regular trash can. It is pointless for me to included materials in my recycle bin that won’t be put to use. I’m sure person or people who throw these used pizza boxes into a recycle bin have good intentions.

I’ve always wondered if these intentions are misplaced. Do recycling sorting centers recycle pizza boxes with leftover residue on them? I’m think that most do not. If they do then I’ve been putting these into regular trash unnecessarily.

Update May 5th 2020

Nowadays depending on how the pizza maker packages your pie you might be able to recycle whole box. Many have gotten kind with their use of tinfoil – which reduces or eliminates oil bleed.

It is very hit and miss. Big box chains rarely offer any drip protection that is worthwhile. Domino’s box is an oil drip pan.

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1 thought on “Would you recycle a used pizza box”

  1. nope. they dont recycle pizzaboxes. anything like papers and stuff that have been “contaminated” is not recycled. the oils get into the fibers and wont come out in the pulping process for recycling and stuff. 😐 but you could be creative and try to make something out of it 😀

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