Cannon Ball Dearing Private Rail Cars Varnish Washington DC

I tried multiple times to get good video of these private rail cars. But light and passengers just wouldn’t cooperate that day. I’m thinking some of the people who kept getting in my way where railfans attending National Association of Railroad Passengers Day on the Hill and other rail advocacy events in Washington DC. Every time I started camera – others were wanting to walk right in front of it or take their own photos.

I had just arrived on Amtrak Capitol Limited 30 – had a bedroom to myself from Chicago. I was in a bit of hurry to get to my hotel. Wasn’t sure how security friendly this part of station would be for recording private varnish and other trains. So I was trying to get recording done quickly.

Previously filmed Dearing at AAPRCO 2015 Spirit of St. Louis Convention.

Don’t recall seeing these at Union Station when I visited previously. I’ll have to go search my video archives.

Recorded April 22 2017

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Private rail cars AAPRCO 2015 Spirit of St. Louis Convention during day

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