Tesla Model X viewed from inside Milwaukee Road Super Dome Dairy Bar Glenview Illinois

While taking a ride inside Milwaukee Road Super Dome behind Amtrak Empire Builder I spotted this Tesla Model X in Glenview Illinois. I missed recording it’s gullwing doors opening. That is what grabbed my attention. I had to lean over other passengers on that side of Dome to capture what little I did. No one else noticed the Tesla.

I think that location is Glenview Dairy Bar.

Recorded Sunday July 2nd 2017

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Shout Out: Chip Boedicker Glenview Dairy Bar

Chuck Boedicker, dead at 79, owned iconic Glenview Dairy Bar

Glenview Dairy Bar Traditionally, people camp out the night before the Dairy Bar Opens every spring in downtown Glenview Illinois.

Milwaukee Road Super Dome #53

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