P2P will destroy the internet I tell you!!

My reply below is relation to this thread Inside Insight » Ever use Kazaa  Read this. Wow you must really have woke up on the wrong side of the bed this month. I'll give you credit for being persistent. And your also on the way to being a zealot.

Most P2P users learned ages ago that Kazaa and other software was full of crap. Some of us who were early beta testers of  this type of software ( around 1999 for most of the popular clients ). Ended up learning the hard way. I can think of many other clients that were as bad or worse than Kazaa. Imesh is one that comes to mind. Great network and the interface was nice. But it would bring a machine to a crawl. Not all software had adware, spyware or other forms of malware. But many included at the minimum – adware. They of course had to show ads to try and make money. For providing free software. Yes their has always been a chance a download could be infected with something. Just like anything on the internet. Have you been to download.com lately? Want a trojan? Go to Download.com!! That situation isn't the first time that has occurred there.

Your point really is nothing more than a scare tactic. Because any user knows. That just surfing the internet you can become infected. If you'd like some examples of this I can start providing links. Because I'm sure your to lazy or you'd be overly critical of where I'd send you to get this data. But one of the biggest worms that brought most ISPs networks to a crawl. Didn't in fact come from P2P. It came from visiting every day websites. That infected unpatched Microsoft machines.

So let us summarize. If you use good basic security practices. You won't get stung ( 9 times out of 10 ). This is even considering those that use P2P. Now I'd admit that some P2P users are clueless about security. So yes they could in fact be a source of network issues after becoming infected. These same users would find a way to get infected without P2P though. So this becomes a mute point.

Using an updated antivirus software, a software firewall and keeping your machine updated with the proper patches from Microsoft. P2P or not. Goes a long way in keeping a pc safe. Even in regards to adware and spyware. My antivirus can be set to detect both.

I recently tested my setup. By going to a site that infected the heck out of a test machine Eric Howe's was running. Which Anti-Spyware App performs the best Guess what? No infections, malware or spyware etc. Why? Because of the very basic precautions I've outlined above. And do to the 2 pieces of software I've chosen to protect my machine.

And honestly do you think your the first person to bring this up? The subject is worn out. It's also covered on the front page here today. Secret Kazaa Documents – Court unveils inner workings of p2p dev. So why you felt the need to do a full page copy and paste here – I'll never understand.

This user has been on a personal crusade for days now. This thread is an example of this Inside Insight » Die P2P(Just a rant from a frustrated net admin) The thread above continues this personal quest. I guess the point is to hopefully purge all P2P users from the Insightbb network. As I stated here Inside Insight » it happened again — can't send shared files p2p I feel if this person works for Insight. They need to be handed their walking papers. Here is a basic thought. Maybe if the admin did less whining and complaining. Less moaning and groaning!! And paid more attention to the network they are supposed to be admining. Then maybe there might be less to complain about. If you see a customer who is using more than their fair share of bandwidth. Give them a polite warning. The usage limit shouldn't be set extremely low. It should be fairly reasonable. If after this polite warning. The user continues to “abuse” the network. Then give them a boot for a few weeks. Then let them back on. This could be implemented as a 2 strikes and your out policy. When this occurs a third time. You'd get an email, letter and phone call detailing that your no longer welcome on the network. The only problem with this policy. Is you get overzealous admins like the one posting above.  Or you get a company like Comcast who won't even state publicly what those usage limits are. Not to mention most of these ISP advertise things as unlimited use. But in their TOS included clauses that are stating exactly the opposite.

More background information on the subject above can be found here http://music.iggyz.com http://antivirus.iggyz.com and http://firewall.iggyz.com

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