Treasures from the Heartland order received

On Thursday of last week I received our Treasures from the Heartland order. The day before my email inbox had a message in regards to payment being received. Before I could get a chance to look at it the package was on our doorstep the next day. I didn’t get around to checking the mail until late that evening. So I didn’t realize that the package had arrived. I’m not sure if it came before I was doing yard work or during. Treasures from the Heartland used the United States Postal Service ( USPS ) to ship the package. So I’d say it’s a good assumption that the shipment showed up with the daily mail.

When you consider the fact that I made this purchase on Monday October 27th and received the package on Thursday the 30th. I think everyone would agree that this is great turn around time. Granted where these handmade soaps are produced is located only about 3 or 4 hours from where I live. Either way I think this is a very good time frame from purchase to delivery. As I had mentioned in my previous article. I was a bit nervous making my first online purchase from Treasures from the Heartland. Not because I felt they weren’t reputable. But because I’d never gone through the online purchasing process with them. On the website and during the PayPal checkout process there was no mention in regards to normal shipping time etc. So until the email arrived in my inbox I wasn’t really sure when our package could be expected to arrive. I’m now aware that purchases are shipped within a more than reasonable amount of time.

At the time of purchase I wasn’t aware of this. So Cheryl decided to be a bit proactive just in case we needed soap and made a purchase at a local store. She purchased the Kiss My Face Shea Soy Organic and Mama Mia’s Eczema Relief. The funny thing is that I think it was less than a day after this that the Treasures from the Heartland purchase showed up at the door. I’ve not used the Kiss My Face soap. The label claims that their product is 85% organic. It would seem the latest marketing strategy has companies putting the percent of organic on the label. Although many would tell you that one persons organic might not be the same as the next persons.

The Mama Mia’s Eczema Relief soap bar claims to be made from organic vegetable oils. This bar has been put to use in one of our bathrooms. While I have no complaints about this product I think the Pine Tar Handmade Goat’s Milk & Shea Soap from Treasures from the Heartland is a better value. Our Mama Mia soap bar has a net weight of 3.75 ounces. Treasures from the Heartland states their bars normally come in around 5 ounces. I can tell you just from looking at both bars the Pine Tar is larger. I’m unable to compare cost because I can’t find the receipt. But I can compare price in regards to the Kiss My Face Shea Soy Organic. The Kiss My Face product claims to be a 5 oz bar. When placed side by side with Treasures from the Heartland Pine Tar soap the Kiss My Face looks smaller. Cheryl purchased the Kiss My Face bar on sale for $9.89. It’s my opinion that even when taking shipping into account. Making a soap purchase from Treasures from the Heartland gives you more value for your money. The soap bars look larger and you will only pay $5 for each bar. Although these items may not be certified from some well known organization. They definitely look, feel and smell natural enough. So to me it is a no-brainer as to whose product I will be purchasing again.

Honestly Cheryl wouldn’t have purchased the other soaps if we would have had some idea of shipping time from Treasures from the Heartland. In some ways I’m still glad she made these purchases because it allowed me to compare products. The Pine Tar Handmade Goat’s Milk & Shea Soap has the same basic claims as the Mama Mia’s Eczema Relief soap. So for my money I’d rather get a larger bar, for less money and closer to home from Treasures from the Heartland. I’ll further review the Pine Tar soap at a later date.

I’m sure there are many small operations in Illinois that I could buy natural soaps from. Unfortunately I’m not aware of any of those. Since I had done business with Treasures from the Heartland at the Walnut Grove Farm barn and knew the quality of their product. I was more than willing to make another purchase from them online. I’d give the online purchasing process from them a thumbs up. While I’m not fully happy with how the website is setup for purchasing. The overall process went smoothly and shipping time was very fast. I hope that readers here who are considering heading towards more natural products would consider doing business with Treasures from the Heartland as well.

Our shipment also included a few small samples just like what we received at Walnut Grove Farm. This time around we got a sample of body lotion along with a small bar of LemonGrass Sage soap. I’m thinking the body lotion will a part of our next purchase. Our current purchase was for 6 bars of handmade soap and face cream. The total was $46.95 including the $12 for shipping. For the price of one smaller Kiss My Face soap bar you get two from Treasures from the Heartland.

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Honestly I was less than pleased with Kiss My Face shampoo that we purchased locally. It didn’t smell or feel natural. Actually the Kiss My Face shampoo we used made me think of chemicals every time I opened the bottle to use it. While I can’t find the actual product we used online. I know it was that brand. Needless to say I’ve tried to make sure Cheryl stays away from their products since our first experience.

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