Mythic Paint Zero VOC Zero carcinogenic

Zero VOC Zero carcinogenic Mythic Paint

After several years of living in our current home it was time to paint. A few of the walls in one of our hallways was definitely showing some wear and tear. I knew that I’d want to use a paint that had a little less impact on the environment and the air we breath inside. Luckily we have landlords who are open to considering these types of things. I was fully aware that cost for no or low VOC ( Volatile Organic Compounds ) paint would be more than traditional paint. So right upfront I stated we were willing to cover the difference between more common household paints and the more ecofriendly options. While I was more than ready for sticker shock I’m not sure I was as prepared as I thought.

Wear and tear wasn’t the only reason for the need for paint. Some patch work had been done where drywall tape had worn and caused issues. From what I’ve been told this is a common problem that comes about as homes get older. Even though I was aware that painting would need to be done. I put off starting my research on paint until close to the last minute. There was a website I came across that offered a good list of manufacturers. From that site is where I started trying to find a paint I’d be happy with and be able to find a retailer for as well.

My search for paint wasn’t going to well when I started. Then I came across the Mythic brand. After doing some reading this was starting to sound like the paint I would like to purchase. The real test would be to find somewhere local to buy it. Many well known paint brands have come out with low VOC products. There is some debate about how much better these paints are for you and the world around you. Like many products nowadays paint manufacturers are jumping on the ecofriendly bandwagon. As a consumer what is frustrating is trying to figure out who is being honest or just using marketing magic. There are many companies that aren’t being honest with their claims. It’s really hard to be sure you’re making the right choice.

As the picture above clearly points out my choice was Mythic Paints. I was lucky enough to find a local retailer that cares the Mythic brand as well. Ace Hardware stores in our area carry Mythic Paint. As far as I’m currently aware this would be one of the few places that carries this product line. Unfortunately it isn’t available from Ace Hardware online. You can purchase directly from the Mythic Paint website. I wish they had an affiliate program. From what I’ve been told my landlord was one the first people to purchase Mythic Paint here in Chatham, IL. So in a round about way that makes me one of the first as well. Since I was the one allowed to choose the paint brand. The local Ace Hardware owners have just recently added the Mythic brand. They have made a large investment in providing this product to their customers.

At the time from what I was told only one local contractor had made a Mythic Paint purchase. From the information I was given it sounded as if this contractor had given Mythic Paint a mixed review. The local Ace Hardware employees seemed very interested in getting feedback from my landlord in regards to the product. Interestingly enough it wasn’t that hard of a sell on my part to get our landlord to consider allowing us to use a greener paint. Honestly I think both of them sometimes wonder if I’ve lost my mind with this stuff. But I really am trying to make changes in my life that are more positive in regards to health and my overall impact on the world around me. Sadly there aren’t many others who are willing to even consider something as basic as using a different paint inside their home.