Mythic Paint Zero VOC Zero carcinogenic

For those who are willing to look into more eco-friendly healthier paints. Cost becomes a factor in their decision. Even for those that can afford it the choice to go with a greener paint might be a hard pill to swallow. At the Chatham Illinois Ace Hardware a gallon of Mythic Paint ceiling white is running about $36 a gallon. That same gallon of Mythic Paint in your wall color choice is running about $45. There currently is a major difference in pricing compared to more traditional paint. I’d venture to bet this pricing turns many customers away from Mythic. There are many who could benefit from using Mythic Paint who most likely can’t afford it. A perfect example would be a bartender we talked to recently. She has young kids and just moved into an older home. The family of course was going to paint their new house. Because of cost this family won’t be able to provide a less toxic environment for their children.

What many people don’t factor into the cost is those health benefits. Such as no headaches do to fresh paint. Being able to not have that new paint smell. There is a very slight odor with Mythic that doesn’t last long at all. Mythic Paint also doesn’t contain the nasty ingredients other paint brands include. This means you have no exposure to these elements that could cause illness. Here is a quote from the Mythic website.

What can VOCs and carcinogens in other, traditional paints do to me?
Carcinogens and VOC’s emitted by traditional paints have been linked to a variety of health effects including eye, nose and throat irritation; dizziness; liver, kidney and central nervous system damage and even cancer.

Is this just a marketing scare tactic? I don’t think so considering there are many sources that would back this statement up with real data.

Of course there is still along way to go inside our home before all the rooms have Mythic Paint. It should be kept in mind that we did not strip the old paint off the walls before using Mythic. So any paint that isn’t 5 or 6 years old will continue to off gas. This would have some people asking why bother using the Mythic. It’s my opinion that you have to get the ball started somewhere. Would I have loved to have everything stripped down using an environmentally friendly process? Yes I would have. But lets consider that those doing the painting were doing this somewhat as a favor. I was only involved for minor parts of the process. Time is always a factor as well as cost. Doing everything in the strictest eco-friendly way would have added to cost and time. Honestly I was happy that we had the opportunity to use the Mythic Paint in the first place. I wasn’t going to push my luck by asking everyone to go eco extreme.