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Currently our living room, kitchen and hallways have both the ceiling and walls painted using Mythic Paint. Our front bathroom has the ceiling done in Mythic and will be getting the walls done soon. We have the color already picked out. Speaking of color choices. Mythic claims they can match all colors from any competitor. The machine to process and produce this result is Mythic specific. Meaning only Mythic paint is mixed using that particular machine. At the Ace Hardware in Chatham they were unable to match a sample from the competition. We ended up mixing two Mythic colors on our own to try and get a color match. This didn’t work but we got a color that looks good and that we can live with. I’m not sure if the issue with color matching at the store was related to not being familiar with the new product process. Or if this was a failure on the products part.

It was my choice to go with Eggshell sheen. Do to the fact that it is supposed to have outstanding cleanability. Since Cheryl and I both have scratched the hallway up since painting I’m not so sure about the durability. Keep in mind though that a regular paint would have scuffed in these situations as well. Using an Eggshell sheen has the downside of showing any imperfections you may have in a wall. The Mythic website does a very good job of explaining all of these things in their FAQ.

At this point I think all the rooms we have done using Mythic Paint look great. As far as I’ve seen and been told there were no issues using Mythic compared to regular paint. There wasn’t a special process that needed to be followed. No special brushes or anything like that. You use this paint the same you would any other. Except for the paint match issue we had at Ace Hardware I think Mythic Paint performed as advertised. It’s my opinion that no one would even know that we had used a less toxic paint unless we told them. To me it was worth the cost. In the future our bedroom is on the list to do with Mythic. That leaves only the spare bedroom / computer room and the laundry area as parts of the home that will still have the original paint.

If you are willing to deal with the higher cost I think you’ll find that this paint is worth that premium. In quality and the benefits it brings to the overall long term health of the home in which you live. Mythic Paint exceeds LEED standards. So those of you wishing to build earth friendly homes can still do so using traditional methods.

I’ve provided several links below to help readers learn more about Mythic Paint. There are also links to help you learn about LEED certification. The Mythic website FAQ is definitely a very informative read.

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Mythic®paint is a non-toxic, ultra low odor paint that provides the durability and coverage you expect from a premium paint without the off-gassing VOC’s and cancer-causing toxins that emit years after drying. Stronger, safer, smarter paint.® Now that’s a breath of fresh air.

Who was clever enough to invent this stuff?
Mythic’s genius paint technology was developed in cooperation with the University of Southern Mississippi, a national leader in Polymer Science. It took them six years and a lot of money contributed by the University and various government grants, but they finally came up with Mythic’s proprietary paint technology.

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This next article has some serious fact checking that needs to be done. Not to mention the person who made a very false statement in regards to the smell of Mythic. They stated do the smell test. I would challenge them to be truly honest with their comments in regards to smell. Considering the fact that Mythic smells nothing like they described when you open the can or when applied to your walls. Unfortunately it is hard to know who to trust when reading reviews. Many reviews online have an extreme bias for many different reasons. The comment in regards to Mythic to me smells of the competition trying to drum up business. Not an honest straightforward review. It also needs to be stated once again that one persons earth / people friendly product may not meet the standards of the next person. Some of the paints claiming to be better for you may not in fact be. There are many products making claims for marketing reasons that can’t be backed up with actual facts.

The only thing I can think of that might explain their experience is the fact that they used Semi-gloss instead of the Eggshell sheen that was used in our home. Mythic primer, ceiling white and Eggshell sheen where used in this house. There was a very slight odor after a whole room was done. But this odor didn’t last and was not distracting or headache causing. Which is what you would definitely get from a traditional paint.

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Quoted from the link provided below.

“We will not allow dealers or others to use toxic colorants as we believe it is misleading to the consumer.”

“Your last comment about “green” companies is dead on, there are a tremendous amount of products that are “pretending” to be green.”

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In the interest of full disclosure. Southern Diversified Products, LLC also produces American Pride paints. Southern Diversified Products, LLC is owned entirely by NoVOC Holdings the same company that owns Mythic Paint. More details on this can be found at the Paint Talk link above. Both paint companies share the same address as well.

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