Seattle Space Needle viewed from WaterFront Seafood Grill bar

Seattle Space Needle viewed from WaterFront Seafood Grill bar

This picture was taken from the bar inside of the WaterFront Seafood Grill. You can see the Space Needle and Olympic Sculpture Park. For some reason many of the geeks that attend Gnomedex have no clue about this restaurant. You will hear many of them rave about Anthony’s Pier 66 like it is the greatest place to eat. I even saw many of those well known people eating at Anthony’s when we went there for the first time this year. What I can tell you from that visit is the service was absolutely horrible and the food wasn’t even that good. I’d eat at the Edgewater Hotel’s Six Seven restaurant or lounge rather than have a meal at Anthony’s Pier 66. Six Seven has great food. The restaurant can have varying levels of service. But the lounge has some of the friendliest and hardworking bartenders in Seattle.

If you want a real good meal with excellent service than you should walk just a little further down Alaskan Way towards the Olympic Sculpture Park. When you get to Pier 70 at the end of Alaskan Way you will be where a bit of television history took place. But you will also be just around the corner from the WaterFront Seafood Grill. The left walkway of Pier 70 should look familiar to fans of MTV’s Real World. This is where the Real World Seattle was filmed. If you walk down along this side of Pier 70 at the end you can still find what would have been the entrance to the Real World condo.

When walking to the right side of Pier 70 you will find the entrance to the WaterFront Seafood Grill. I can’t stress enough how overrated many of the other restaurants on Alaskan Way are. Iver’s and Anthony’s Pier 66 are well known and people always seem to give them high marks. Yet these places are where I have received some of the worst service I have ever come across while dining out. This is not the experience you will have at the WaterFront Seafood Grill. You will get friendly service and great food. The WaterFront is always busy however I never seem to see anyone from the conference there. Those people tend to migrate to the more well known locations on Alaskan Way. If you follow their lead you will really be missing out.

The picture above was taken while we were seated at the bar inside of the WaterFront Seafood Grill. This year we had the same bartender as last year. I wish I could remember her name. The interesting thing is she claims to have ties to Springfield, IL. For working in such an upscale restaurant she is very down to earth. While the food and customer service are of a high standard at the WaterFront. I think from the picture you can see that it’s location lends itself to great views of some of Seattle’s most well known landmarks. Of course since it is located on the waterfront at Pier 70 you will also get great views of the water and the surrounding scenery. This alone should be worth stopping in for an appetizer or drinks if your not wanting a full course meal.

Before the Olympic Sculpture Park was built you would have seen a parking lot and the barn for the Seattle trolleys. If Seattle government had any brains they would have planned for a way to keep the trolley system running after Olympic Sculpture Park was built. Sadly an efficient fun way to get around Seattle is no longer available do to planners being shortsighted. You now have to wait for the free bus that is never running on the published schedule. I guess you get what you pay for in this case.

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