Get ZoneAlarm Pro free today only

For one day only you can get the ZoneAlarm Pro firewall for free. The parent company of ZoneLabs Check Point is celebrating their 15th anniversary. The one day only free ZoneAlarm Pro is part of this celebration. This free copy will be good for only one machine.

Due to overwhelming demand, you will receive a confirming email within 48 hours that includes a download link for your free copy of ZoneAlarm Pro and a unique license key to activate the software.

Of course there always has to be a few fools who post nonsense in various forums. This announcement of a free copy of ZoneAlarm Pro is no exception. I’ll include my reply to their comments below. I’ll also state once again that just using a router to protect your computer is not good security. I have covered this topic many times over the years. Those that still make that claim that a router is all you need to be secure online are doing a big disservice to the online community.

“1st – the best firewalls are external hardware (usually part of a router).
2nd – IF a software firewall is needed as well, the free firewall in Windows is more than adequate for most.”

For anyone who states this really lame security advice. I’d ask that you rethink you’re idea of what is secure. And maybe open your mind to doing some actual research. Especially in regards to how the average person uses their computer. The Microsoft firewall even though it now has fixed it’s previous shortcomings still is far from ideal. I’d also venture to say that the person above has never heard of the concept of layered security or the fact that routers aren’t the end all be all for many reasons.

Anyone want to place a bet that the reply will be something that states you have no need for antivirus as long as you don’t visit bad sites and have your computer locked down properly? Yet people eat this garbage advice up like it is the holy grail of computer security.

And don’t even make me give you the smack down if you start in with that fan boy crap. Especially considering I haven’t used a ZoneAlarm product in years. If I had the option to I would in a heartbeat though.

Keep in mind I currently have some issues with how Zone Labs is handling certain matters in regards to 64 bit Vista, their forums and this announcement. Here is a comment I made within a private online forum.

Now my question would be what happened to the days when Team Z and other long time trusted associates were given a heads up to promote this? Guess the corporate mentality has allowed everyone to forget those in the trenches that originally helped to get this product where it is today.

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