Smart car Pier 1 Imports Peoria Illinois

Smart car Pier 1 Imports Peoria Illinois

While looking for something completely different in Peoria Illinois the other day we came across this Smart car parked at Pier 1 Imports. We had seen a yellow and black Smart heading West on I-74 as we were coming home Eastbound from Iowa. Unfortunately I didn’t have the camera out at the time to get a photo of that one. Recently in Springfield Illinois we saw a Smart as well. Again I didn’t get the camera out quick enough to capture that one. If anyone knows Me Fun 1 let them know that their Smart is now famous.

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The only Smart I would even consider owning is an electric Smart Car.

Smart Car of America – The Electric Smart Fortwo

“Indiana Live an all new Indiana casino will be giving away an electric Smart Car. Winners must be present when their names are announced to carry home the prizes.”