Amazon and UPS screwed it all up

Once again UPS has managed to not get a package to my doorstep. Granted the company hasn’t been doing that bad of a job lately. The interesting thing is UPS just delivered a number of packages from Amazon to our home last week. But for some reason they couldn’t get it right yesterday. I wouldn’t even know about this if it wasn’t for the kind message left on our voicemail from the woman who received our package. Since the items heading to our door weren’t technically suppose to be shipped in the first place. I hadn’t been keeping an eye on the shipping progress. You would think I would know better considering UPS’s lack of reliability for me in the past. I should have known better than to become complacent just because UPS had managed to get deliveries to our home on fairly regular basis without issue recently.

All this drama started with me making a blunder during ordering at Amazon. I hadn’t noticed that I had set things up to send more than one item for a product we were needing. With Amazon you can subscribe to have an item shipped at different intervals. When you do this you receive free or discounted shipping on that product. While setting this up for a new order I made a mistake in quantity. And somewhere along the line I must have made some other blunder. All I know is that last week four boxes containing Seventh Generation Liquid Laundry Detergent showed up at our house. One of the boxes was opened and short one bottle. But I figured it would be more hassle to resolve the issue than it was worth.

So now that we had at least 6 months and maybe even more of laundry detergent I figured I had better go and stop any further shipments of this product from showing up at my doorstep. I guess Amazon decided my don’t ship this product until late next year was a request to send me another two boxes full of Seventh Generation Liquid Laundry Soap. So once again I’ve been charged for something I didn’t want or request. I’m sure they would argue that I made yet another mistake and that this all my fault. I think something on their end is screwed up because I know what I did to cause the issue the first time. I’m also aware of what I did within my account recently and that my request was to not ship anymore of this at this time. Especially considering I would have preferred to purchase the Ecover brand in the first place. But Amazon never seems to have Ecover products in stock for some reason. So I chose to go with Seventh Generation instead.

Either way the shipment I didn’t want in the first place didn’t end up at our home like it should. Because UPS blundered and dropped off the packages at someone else’s door. I’m not sure who the lady that called was or where she lives. At least she was nice enough to call and didn’t just keep the items. She could have also made things worse by contacting UPS and having them try again. Hopefully Cheryl will be able to contact this woman today before she decides to notify UPS of their blunder. I’m not sure why this lady didn’t just head to our address and drop the items off. She didn’t state where in Chatham she lived. We figured if she was just around the corner it wouldn’t be an inconvenience. It seems the only reason she opened our package is because she was expecting something and thought it was hers. This is how she got our phone number to call us.

What is really interesting through all this is that one of the other items I ordered has yet to show up. I’ve got a massive supply of Seventh Generation Liquid Laundry Detergent but my dishwashing soap hasn’t shown up. If anyone at Amazon knows where my Seventh Generation Free & Clear Dish Liquid 48 Ounces is please let me know. The company has done a bang up job of sending more than enough laundry soap to my home. What is really funny is that I found out that I didn’t even need the dish soap. I had forgotten that on the bottom of the cupboard floor we had several of these items left.

My hope is that Amazon will wise up and stop sending me laundry detergent in bulk until the next authorized shipment. I’m afraid to even go into my account and make sure that the shipment is set for late next year. Do to the fact that I know last time I told them not to send anything. It’s my thought that any account activity seems to trigger a shipment request. I won’t need laundry soap for some time now. So I’d prefer not to receive anymore.

I’m sure UPS will just blame the holidays and the increase in package shipments this time of year. Or they will apologize in a not so believable way and state a new driver was on the route yesterday. I’ve never gotten the feeling that anyone on their end really is concerned where your package ends up. All I know is it is nice to know honest people still exist. If there hadn’t been a message left for us yesterday we wouldn’t even be aware of this mixup. At this point especially considering the time of year. I think it is just best for us to not even try to go through the return process. We’ll just keep the items and put them to use. I’d venture to bet that getting them shipped back to Amazon and getting credited for them would be more of a headache than it is worth.

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