Insight changes upload speeds

Don't get to happy. Because this just seems like Insight once again playing games with it's customer base. This is either a test to determine if this would be feasible on the network. Or it's Insight once again giving one area more for their money than the rest of us. The thread in regards to this latest “supposed” upgrade is here. Longtime Insightbb users will know that Insight previously did this with Covington, KY. Giving them 384 upload on the regular tier for the price others paid for 128 upload. So this wouldn't be the first time that parts of Kentucky are seeing something other Insight customers in other states aren't. This is a very unfortunate way to do business. Not very customer friendly. And definitely doesn't help Insight Communications with their PR. They already have a not so good reputation with many members in the Insight forum. I'm not sure why the feel it necessary to treat their best customers so unfairly. Communication has been and still is very lacking. Most ISP have no problems using high-end customers for beta testing. Many ISP offer forum support at BroadBandReports. Yet Insight refuses to offer official forum support. Even punishes those employees who wish to help out. They refuse to have reasonable open dialogue with customers. And continue to act like a startup in stealth mode. It's sad that the only decent information customers can get. Comes from employees risking there jobs by leaking information. Granted Insight seems to have stopped some of these leaks. But they do filter out from time to time still. As I stated here Insightbb just doesn't get it!!

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