Kombucha Tea who drinks this stuff

Kombucha Tea who drinks this stuff

After drinking some Kombucha Tea I really had to wonder who drinks this stuff and how they could ever claim it taste good. My first Kombucha Tea experience was inside the picture above. When I opened the High Country Wild Root Kombucha Tea it smelled like alcohol to me. The smell and then the taste were just to overpowering. With only one sip complete I wanted to stop drinking it. If I remember right I got half a bottle down before giving up. This drink adventure had me never wanting to have Kombucha Tea cross my lips again. I told Cheryl to never let any of this stuff enter our home. The funny thing is normally I get to blame her for bad drink choices. In this case I’m the one who picked this drink out at a local store. So all the blame was on me until a few months later.

One day Cheryl comes home from our local grocery store with a new drink for me. With a quick look at the label I was in shock. I asked her why she had bought more Kombucha Tea. She was shocked that this was the same drink I had asked to never have purchased again. Granted it was a different brand and the words Essence of Peach were on the label. So I fell for it thinking that maybe this time things would be different. I don’t remember seeing anything about live cultures on the Kombucha Wonder Drink Essence of Peach label. So I thought this might effect the taste when compared to the High Country Wild Root Kombucha Tea. In the end the Kombucha Wonder Drink didn’t have any Essence of Peach that I could taste. It was a little less hardcore than the High Country brand. But I was still left with the desire to never try any more Kombucha Tea.

Although Kombucha Tea is obviously not for me. The product must sell because there are many brands available and people seem to do nothing but rave about the taste and health benefits. This just goes to show how product perception changes from one person to another. As with many drinks or natural substances there is debate in regards to if Kombucha Tea is truly good for you. Depending on whose opinion you are reading you will find many who claim Kombucha Tea is a cure all. While others will tell you that prolonged use may cause health problems. I won’t be a part of any case study because I just can’t get over the taste. It’s amazing to me that people actually enjoy drinking Kombucha Tea.

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  1. I have tried Kombucha before and not been able to stand the taste. I just drank High Country Wild Root this morning and loved it. I guess everyones taste buds are different. As far as the health risks, I would be interested to see proven facts. Wild Root tasted like root beer and not alcohol.

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