Spearfish Falls from the bottom of the canyon

Spearfish Falls from the bottom of the canyon

This is a picture I took this year at the bottom of Spearfish Falls. Once you are parked in the parking lot across from the Spearfish Canyon Lodge there are several ways to view Spearfish Falls. Cheryl and I weren’t fully aware of this since this was our first visit. Signage in the parking lot area is very limited in regards to detailing your options. If you go behind the Latchstring Restaurant to your left you will find the Spearfish Canyon Floor Nature Hiking Trail. This is the hard way to get to the bottom of the Spearfish Falls but worth the walk.

The easiest way to see Spearfish Falls is to head to the right from the parking area. When heading this direction you will come across an overgrown overlook that is right beside Spearfish Falls. If you head just a little further down to the right you will come to a sign that leads to a long metal bridge. This bridge spans Little Spearfish Creek. When you walk over the bridge to your left you will see Spearfish Falls. At the end of the bridge you can either go right or left. Going right will lead to a locked gate that would give you access to a cabin. Heading left will have you walking down a very steep rough trail. You would come across this same part of the trail if you had chosen the Spearfish Canyon Floor Nature Hiking Trail to start your adventure. If you walk past the Spearfish Falls observation area at the bottom of the falls you will find this rough trail. Coming from that direction you will be walking up towards the previously mentioned bridge.

If you are wanting the shortest distance to a good view of Spearfish Falls. Then choosing to head right from the parking lot and towards the long metal walkway bridge is your best option. Just keep in mind that if you choose to go down into the canyon using the rough trail that getting back up might wear some of you out. Using the Spearfish Canyon Floor Nature Hiking Trail route is a much longer journey that has you walking the canyon floor after a steep decline down. So if time is an issue definitely choose the bridge route.

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Spearfish Canyon is a deep but narrow gorge carved by Spearfish Creek just south of Spearfish, South Dakota, United States.

Spearfish Falls was actually one of the most popular tourist stops in the northern Black Hills around the beginning of the 19th century when a Burlington Railroad line took passengers directly over it, parts of which can still be found on the trail today.

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