DHL delivered my Phix this morning

Even though they are having financial issues and UPS is delivering most of their overnight air packages. DHL successfully got my Phix to me this morning. I was out shoveling a bit of ice off the driveway when the DHL truck passed by. The truck used a neighbors drive to turn around. As the truck was heading back to me it had a bit of a hard time with the ice on the road. The driver ( there were two people in the truck ) stated the vehicle had new tires. But they didn’t seem to be a match for the ice even though the truck wasn’t going at any great rate of speed. Luckily our mailbox didn’t get taken out. This has in fact happened before. And even though I didn’t have to replace it. I saw the massive effort it took to do so.

I was really dragging this morning. Been up for a good number of hours now. The Red Bull was easily wearing off. I was completely out of Phix and had to go the old school route. So you can imagine how happy I was to see the DHL truck pull up. I hadn’t been expecting the package to come in until later on today. Of course I wasn’t complaining that it came in earlier than expected.

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