Stop Sign eAcceleration Veloz are they legitimate?

This is a call your going to have make for yourself. In my opinion the answer is a very large NO!! Stay away from this company’s offerings. This company wants customers to think they have changed their stripes. But I’m honestly not so sure. You see their products advertised all over TV. I first saw them start advertising months ago on TechTV. But now you’ll see their ads on many stations. My complete thoughts on the matter can be found in the thread below. Who and What are They

Previous threads on the subject can be found there. And they are also included on this page

I’ll copy my comments from that thread to here. Just in case that thread gets a mod happy edit.

Well I personally don’t think you have revamped enough. Your commercials definitely don’t fit a true security software product. Your advertising screams scam. Your company is known by how many different names? You sell games and how many other products as well? I personally think that most of the previous comments made are still valid today. As to all these supposed great reviews from the competition. Would you mind posting links to these supposed reviews? Would you mind explaining why your competition would bother reviewing your product. Let us see – which name should we choose today eAcceleration, stop sign, veloz or oodlz? Of course that last one is in regards to your game offerings. The others have all been used to reference your “security” product. As far as I can see. I still can’t get your software unless I accept your active x. Which with your previous well deserved reputation. I’m not going to do.

“With your membership you have access to all eAcceleration products.”

This sounds more like some type of buyers club. Than a company that is serious about providing a good security product to the public. Unfortunately many in the general public will flock to your site and install your product. This has to be occurring – because you keep spending advertising money. What is truly sad. Is these customers don’t have a clue that they aren’t truly secure when using this product. Most also haven’t had the benefit of reading threads here to find out exactly why this is.

»eanthology,stop-sign,veloz do i need to be scared

»PestPatrol says: eAcceleration/StopSign are Clean!

These links and the others that have been posted here. Are bookmarked here

“Those Comercials creep me out with those voices!”

Those just ruin it. I personally thought the woman in the ad looked good. But the voice just kind of ruined it for me. I always thought the commercial sounds and looks like a low budget 70’s porn. Not that I would know.

As for their comparison page being comedy. They claim ( still ) to beat Kaspersky in detection. Hell most of the true competition doesn’t even try to make this claim. That in itself should tell a knowledgeable user something.

I think many here would love to be proved wrong in regards to our thoughts on the company. But honestly I don’t get that warm fuzzy secure feeling when someone brings up this companies multiple names or supposed “security” products. Their are many companies that in my opinion are really skirting the line close to fraud. Normally I don’t get to up in arms about this stuff. But the past few months I’ve seen more and more of this type of crap. Even in Google sponsored ads. It does the industry no good. And most importantly – it does the end user ( customer ) no good.

I believe in freedom of choice. Even if I feel the choice is completely idiotic. What I don’t believe in. Is the right of a company to claim to be something they are not. Or to cause harm to customers. In the past it has been shown your product seems to do more harm than good. There is some valid concern that this may still be the case. Reading the recent CNET review / help area. The users comments where dated for last month of this year.

No one is going to take the word of a company owner or spokesperson. Because of previous comments made in these forums by a spokesperson / owner. Users here are definitely overly prone to be suspect. Some times to a fault. I’ll give you that. But in this case I feel they are right on the money.

If you want others to know you’ve change and are legitimate. Get rid of the auto active x on your site. Have an exe download available. If an online scan requires active x – make this clear – also make it to where the user has to click a button to do so. Currently when you visit the site. The active x tries to kick in ASAP. This is frowned upon by many.

No one here is against online scans. Most of these require an active x plug in. It’s how this is implemented that causes the concern.

Also put your product up for review by a source you’ve not paid. If the product has been changed – it should be able to hold up to any independent scrutiny.

“Yeah, but the chicks hot.(Hopefully uninfected as well.)”

That is to funny!!

I find this poster a bit hard to swallow as well. RagingDave your name happens to closely match another posters name here. The one who is from the company. Yet you swear you have nothing to do with this company. Your comments seem very similar to those made by the company representative. Maybe this is just coincidence. And maybe my memory is failing. But didn’t this company try this tactic in previous threads? Again this makes others feel you lack true credibility.

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