Stage 2 teen club Peoria Illinois

Stage 2 Peoria Illinois

Here is a picture of the location that years ago was Stage 2. My memory has me thinking that many of the things located around this building now were not there when the Stage 2 teen club was in operation. At some point Stage 2 became Sneakers. While attending a wedding reception several months ago I kept telling Cheryl that I thought we were near the old Stage 2. Until recently we hadn’t taken the time to scout out the location. Turns out I was right. The reception hall turnoff is before you reach the old Stage 2 building.

From what little information I’ve been able to find. This location has been many things over the years. It is now a church. Second Chance Church calls the old Stage 2 home. My memory keeps telling me that at the time this building was Stage 2 there was a restaurant in operation inside the right portion of the building. But I can find no mention of this online. Stage 2 isn’t even mentioned in various news articles as being located there. However Sneakers is mentioned in at least one article. I know that Stage 2 became Sneakers. I’m thinking this was do to an ownership change at the time. Robert Scheer was the owner of Stage 2. Some people may remember the pickup truck he owned that had the removable top. This truck also included the Stage 2 logo.

The Springfield, IL Stage 2 was located on Normandy Road. That building has been various nightclubs and restaurants over the years. The neighborhood itself has been in steady decline even before Stage 2 closed it’s doors. If you were to venture to the old Springfield Stage 2 location you would now find Club Chrome. There have been various other nightclubs at this location since Stage 2 left the building.

You would think the Internet would be a treasure trove of information in regards to the history of old buildings and locations within towns. My experience has been just the opposite. It would seem that finding the history isn’t as easy as I thought it would be in the digital age.

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Stage 2 Teen Club The Trend Setter

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Essex Insurance Company, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Stage 2, Incorporated, an Illinois Corporation, Defendant,anddrew Lucht, Defendant-appellant

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Second Chance Church

3300 W Willow Knolls Dr / Peoria, IL / 61614

309.689.9789 / 309.696.0898

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  1. blast from the past

    The restaurant you’re talking about was a place called O’Leary’s. Sneaker’s became Revelations until the owners were unsuccessful at obtaining a liquor license to serve the 21 and over crowd after it was time for the kids to be out of the building at 11pm. The real Stage 2 was the original Dries Lane location that currently houses bingo. Stage 2 subsequently became Thrills.


  3. That would be one heck of a flashback if copies of the old shows existed. I lost contact with Robert Scheer years ago. That would be the only person I could think of that might still have copies. Every once in awhile I run into one of the Stage 2 Springfield DJ’s. We have never brought up the subject of the show. Honestly I’m blanking on the name of that production right now.

    Club Chrome is now a teen club. So the Springfield building has come full circle once again. The State Journal Register mentioned Stage 2 in a recent article. They weren’t very kind in my opinion. If you study all the history only the original restaurant / nightclub and Stage 2 had any long term success at that location.

    Revamped Club Chrome hopes to attract teens

    I wouldn’t know were to find Ramon Salazar – he might have a clue about finding copies of the show. Kevin Kirby has never brought the subject up. It’s interesting that over the past few years I’ve spent a lot of time in cities where Stage 2 used to operate. Yet I’ve never run into anyone I know from those days. Which in some ways isn’t a bad thing. Only one person from back then has contacted me privately since this article went live.

    Club Chrome quieter since going non-alcoholic on weekends

    “In 1993, according to a State Journal-Register article, Stage 2 had been closed and reopened as another teen nightclub called Images. It, too, was unsuccessful.”

    Someone needs to look at their math. Stage 2 was open for a good number of years. Especially for the teen market where clubs normally don’t have much longevity.

    STAGE 2, INCORPORATED, an Illinois corporation, Defendant

    If I’m remembering correctly the television dance show aired on FOX in Springfield IL. I’m not coming up with the name of the show or the production company. What I can tell you is that the concept was definitely a good one. Even though the show was short lived.

    YouTube – Quad Cities Area: Drive in Davenport, IA Part 1

    The manager of the Bettendorf Stage2 was a pool shark. That man could run a table. The Stage2 program director was a Davenport resident at the time. I thank him and his family for letting me have a roof over my head more than once. I should also give a very big thank you to Robert Scheer and his family for doing the same. Kevin of course beats them all out by putting up with me on multiple occasions.

    STAGE 2 FANATICS Facebook

    Stage 2 Quad Cities Facebook

    The Dance Machine was the name of the Stage2 television show. I can’t remember the name of the actual production company that produced it. I should know that.

    YouTube – Human Aftertaste – Lazer Gun

    Video with Dance Machine Footage Facebook

    Photos from STAGE 2 FANATICS

    I still own at least one wooden nickel & pair of suspenders like those pictured above. Somewhere in this room I also have a pair of Stage2 “underwear”. The old garter belts that used to be handed out once a year are in a storage box.

    Online dance program debuts on Yahoo

  4. don litterst

    Just to clear up some mis-information…

    Stage 2 was owned by Mike Litterst. The “Stage 2” moniker was coined by my family (including me) because it was a progression of nightclub names starting with “Illusions” in Pekin, Illinois. (downtown, on Court Street). I remember Bob from my childhood, because my father and he had been childhood friends. And while Bob was eventually brought in as partner, the credit for the greatest place in Illinois to go to as a teen in the 80’s, belongs squarely on my fathers shoulders. By the way, The restaurant to the right of stage 2 was called “Kelley’s”.

    1. What was the address of Illusions in Pekin. I own The Speakeasy Art Center at 353 Court in Pekin and I know it was a few doors down. I’ve stood out there and tried to figure out which building it was because I was a frequent visitor there. Thanks!

  5. Not to be confrontational – but I think misinformation is a bit harsh here. Recently I did see postings on Facebook detailing the early history of the club. I have no way of confirming or denying this information.

    Now what I can do is provide details from my personal experience. At the time I was employed at the Springfield Stage 2 Robert Scheer owned the Peoria, Springfield and Bettendorf clubs. As far as I’m aware no other partners were involved. I think with a quick look at the lawsuit documents linked above for an incident that happened at the Springfield location – there are no other names listed as being owners for that time period. Granted that document states president and manager – so I can’t discount the fact that partners may have existed.

    What is written above may not give the full history or background of the club. But in fact details the situation as I knew it. Nothing above is misinformation. Considering the fact that I spent personal time with this man and his family – I think that gives me a bit of a perspective on who claimed ownership at the time I was an employee.

    While I enjoy seeing more about the origins of the club and respect anyone who wishes family to get their proper place in “history”. I do not feel the term misinformation has any place here. Any business can go through a series of ownership or partnerships. Just because I wasn’t around in the early days doesn’t mean I haven’t represented my experience in a factual way.

    If anyone is inclined it might be a good idea for someone to spend time documenting the various history of Stage 2 and creating their own website with these details. Something more inviting than a Facebook fan page.

  6. I feel like I grew up in Stage 2 here in Springfield during my teen years. I used to have so much fun there. Plus, we were the “Scary Punk Rockers” and Stage 2 encouraged that rather than treat us like freaks. There is going to be a Stage 2 reunion on September 7th at the old Stage 2 in Springfield starting at 9:00. Just hope us old farts can stay up that long-LOL, Hope some of you will show up. I remember the old Stage 2 in Peoria also, a lot of us used to go there a lot when the scene got stale here. They also treated us with respect and we came back time and again for that reason. I don’t have an e-mail address right now, but post comments to me on here if you would like. I’ll check it from time to time.

  7. Iggy, there is a Stage 2 reunion tonight in Springfield at the Tin cup Pub or something like that. I’ll see if I can find details.

  8. Thanks for the information. During this years Old Capitol Blues & BBQs Downtown Springfield – a lady was talking to my girlfriend’s sister – since she had taught one or more of her children. During this conversation she mentions knowing me from the Springfield club. Felt really bad because I drew a blank on the face which is unusual for me. She did give me her name but that honestly didn’t even ring a bell. Odd – normally I’m great with faces and even names at times.

    I forgot to add the Stage 2 cups to these photos I took a few years back. I’m think I have at least 2 in the cabinet. Still have no clue how all this stuff stuck with me through the years of drama & moving from place to place.

    In fact I do have 2 cups – making a video now of all the swag. I’ll edit the article below with that video in a few minutes. Only thing missing is my Stage 2 jacket – which was borrowed by an old friend of mine working security and never returned. In years past she never makes mention of this.

    Video is now live – also includes original pictures from 2 years ago.

    Stage 2 Teen Club The Trend Setter

  9. Yup he was in a crew I was apart of at the Springfield club. Just say to him…”hard mix is swass” lol

  10. Just a quick bit of info for you that may be interested… The show’s name was indeed “The Dance Machine” This started out as a mobile DJ service in the early 80’s created by my dad Doug Heim (Sr.). My parents were divorced but I lived with my dad during the time he traveled to the Stage 2 locations to film the shows. I often traveled with him as I was quite young (13 or so) and I remember helping run the wires and cords. I even remember going to the restaurant next door and the topless pickup truck mentioned above… Anyway, my dad also had a production company called Heim Productions. This is where the editing was done in Green Bay,WI. I also remember being at my dads studio while he edited all the footage. The two businesses are no more, but I’m am almost certain my dad still has all the tapes. I am not close to my dad anymore unfortunately, If you Google him I’m sure you can find his contact info… I do know that his current business is “American Dance Floor” Hope it helps those of you looking for old footage.


    Editor addition

    The Dance Machine – Stage 2 – Bettendorf, Iowa Towards end we get a Springfield Illinois segment.

    If building that housed Stage 2 Bettendorf still exist – it must have been remodeled. A convention center is in that area now = so building may have been torn down. If I remember right location – would have been just down from police station facing what is Isle of Capri casino.

    Building that housed Stage 2 Springfield Illinois – has been turned into several failed nightclubs over years. It may now be vacant and up for sale. I don’t venture into that area anymore.

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