Is your blog infecting readers with spyware?

It seems that in certain instances a blog could infect readers with spyware. Yet another reason for bloggers and their publishing vendors to keep security in mind. I'm kind of surprised that those being scared off the internet aren't up in arms about this already.

Security » I give up…you win!

Spyware infiltrates blogs  CNET

The problem involves the use of JavaScript and ActiveX, two common methods used to launch programs on a Web page. Security experts said malicious programmers can use JavaScript and ActiveX to automatically deliver spyware from a blog to people who visit the site with a vulnerable Web browser.

Spyware tools also have been hidden inside JavaScript programs that are offered freely on the Web for bloggers to enhance their sites with features such as music. As a result, bloggers who use infected tools could unwittingly turn their sites into a delivery platform for spyware.

The blog vulnerability has cropped up most visibly in Google's Blogger, the most widely used blog-publishing tool. But it could affect other services as well.

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