Now running WordPress 2.7

I’ve just finished updating this website to the latest version of WordPress. This site is now running WordPress 2.7. You will see many changes in this latest WordPress. With a quick glance many of these changes just seem to be in regard to layout. One of my biggest pet peeves has yet to get resolved. I’m still not able to properly copy and paste within a WordPress Widget. This was never an issue with my old blogging platform Blogware. Since I’ve seen this issue while using many different themes. I would have to concluded that this is a shortcoming of WordPress in regards to basic usability and functionality. For me it just makes things I want to do harder.

Over the next few days I’ll take this latest WordPress for a spin. Maybe I’ll find new things that will please me. Honestly as long as the basics work and work well I’m happy. Unfortunately you have developers who tend to focus on what they feel is important. Many times neglecting some of the things they feel aren’t as important. It’s my opinion that in almost all cases this is the deciding factor in regards to a worthwhile product and a useless or mediocre one.

I’m needing to update to the latest version of the theme I use here. I’ve neglected this task do to it always being a major aggravation to get things back to the look I want.

While typing this I can say that someone really screwed up the editor in this build. And no I shouldn’t have to go play around with the TinyMCE fix. It should just work. WordPress developers seem more focused on the damn look instead of the actual functionality of the product!! Nothing new for the online world and code junkies. It’s thumbs down so far. I mean who the hell makes it default for an editor to align text in the middle. I shouldn’t have to manually override this. It just basic common sense on this side of the world to align text within an editor to the left by default. Of course this wasn’t an issue that I remember having in previous WordPress builds. I’m sure some jackass will make a smartass comment about this just being a settings change. But again for basic functionality and usability it shouldn’t be an issue to start with. It just basic common sense.

This was just the usual TinyMCE issue that pops up every time it gets updated. It’s default settings always causes an issue. Then I have to remember which of the settings it is that causes the drama. BasicallyI would have no need for this plugin if WordPress would have a good way to manage media by default. And no the current setup is not worth a damn. It’s actually pretty piss poor in regards to meeting my needs. But that is ok because the pain in the ass TinyMCE plugin and FTP software can get the job done easily. TinyMCE just wants to screw up my text when I leave everything at default settings.

On the bright side several builds ago someone finally fixed the WordPress internal spellcheck so that it actually works now without going into some unresponsive mode. What I always find funny is that the spellcheck option doesn’t even recognize the proper spelling of the WordPress brand name.

This site is now running WordPress 2.6.5

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