Illuminati Motor Works will be on Discovery Channel show Brink tonight

Illuminati Motor Works will be on the Discovery Channel show Brink tonight ( December 12, 2008 ). The Central Illinois based Illuminati Motor Works team that is developing a vehicle for the Automotive X PRIZE will be featured on Brink. Although it seems this team doesn’t acknowledge any of the smaller websites that give them press. I’m still more than willing to give this local team a plug. Although I find it shortsighted to snub anyone who they don’t feel is up to their caliber of “press”.  Looking at my Comcast guide for tonight’s episode of Brink the information makes no mentioned of Illuminati Motor Works or the Automotive X PRIZE. The Brink Science Channel website episode guide gives the same information as the Comcast guide. But several reliable sources state the team will be featured. So I have no reason to believe that won’t be the case.

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Illuminati Motor Works Official Automotive X PRIZE Contender

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Automotive X PRIZE

Maker Faire Austin 2008Make Magazine has made a Gnomedex appearance or two. Phil Torrone if I remember right is the person who did presentations during break sessions for one or maybe it was two years. Might have just been 2005.

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Update 12/13/2008

Illuminati Motor Works was shown at the Austin 2008 Maker Faire about 20 minutes into the Brink episode last night. If I remember right from looking at the cable guide. This episode should repeat several times.

The Springfield newspaper The State Journal Register in today’s City and State had a feature on the left hand side about the Illuminati Motor Works Brink episode. However once again in their lack of understand of how to do things right. That article can’t be found on online.